Success! I am keeping with my sleep schedule and have use my morning time to start a new project. I making a roguelike. Well following a tutorial but it better than noting. It has not been every day but any time I go to bed late I seem to want to stay in been a bit longer. That time cuts on what I need to get done and I start having to rush. So the 8 bed time will be strictly followed for now on. Also Today I started to go back to working out. This morning I went for a run and before I go to bed will do some bodyweight exercise. As a trial run I tested how long it will take in the morning and if I don’t work on my roguelike I’ll have time to even make breakfast. So work out three day a week and work on the the rougelike four. So far so good.

In media news I saw two episodes last week. Um wow, can’t wait to write about what just happen. It’s nothing thats a major change but reflects the new reality after both nations went into a civil war. I’ll have to do a post about honor since those two episodes had a huge focus on it. I’ll watch some more tonight before working out.

Until next time.