I’m back and a week late. Busy last two weeks but, shocker, I didn’t keep up with my daily list of hobbies. Instead, I studied and got as far as I could in my Excel class at WGU(Western Governors University). Since my term does not start until September I can’t take my final, but can do all the coursework until then. Also, I’m taking a class in C++ and when the Excel class is over plan on starting the networking class to get my Network+. Nothing new at work other than being thanked for helping people with technical issues. Glad to be using my degree and A+ cert.

This weekend I started waking up at 5am and so far been feeling pretty great. As a result, I get my studying done in the morning and by the afternoon I can relax and go to bed early. Even had time to write this blog post without rushing. Therefore, I now have time to watch anime in the evening. I’m thinking I’m going to continue with Legend of the Galactic Heroes tonight, at least one episode. It has been awhile and I would like to finish it some time.

Until next week.