For the past month I have been learning more about python. As stated in pervious post I’ve been using IBM’s course and have started to learn some more from I have not gotten to machine learning yet but started to learn about Natural Language Processing using python. I feel about ready to start a project just need to learn how to make a user interface. For UI I’m looking into using Curses or Tkinter. A text based interface would work well in my work flow since I do all my work remotely in the terminal. But python has not been the only thing I’ve been learning about. I also started to work on chat bots.

As I said in pervious post I also worked with IBM’s Watson conversion. So far no projects have been made but I’m look forward to using the experience I gained from that to make my own skills for my echo dot. While I can use python to make chat bots and voice assistance, node.js seems to be the standard. Node.js seems to be a popular skill so I may learn that after I am done with my python program.

Also during this month, I found a great paper on using AI to play text adventure games. It was written for an AI that was used in the Text-Based Adventure AI competition held by the IEEE for the Conference on computational Intelligence and Games. The paper goes over game playing agents, previous attempts of AI being able to play text games, and what their agent does and how it is setup. I highly suggest you read the paper. It may even foreshadow a project I may be working on.

Finally I got to a good stopping point in Legend of the Galactic Heros and will start part two to have finished by the end of the month.