A while ago I watched videos of Professor Zhang Weiwei. He talks about how great the Chinese political system is compared to the United States political system. He discusses China as a merit-based system. There is a set system in place so that the top leadership positions can only be held by people who proved themselves by doing great jobs in lower offices. He also said in a one party system the party looks after the whole system not just those who supports the party. Zhang Weiwei explaining that in the United States incompetent people can run for and hold office. That in multi-party systems, elective officials only look after the interest of their party not the nation. Finaly, in democracies, officials make short-term plans to easily win elections, while in China long-term plans are made. Professor Zhang Weiwei’s criticism of western democracy can also apply to Free planets Alliance (F.P.A.), Yang Wen-li also recognizes the issues with western democracy but unlike Professor Zhang Weiwei, he supports it as the best system that mankind has. This post will explore the Democratic crisis that the F.P.A. faces.

The liberation mission that the F.P.A. tried failed. Resources were over extended and after the honey moon period the “liberated” people rose as insurgents. Before this the F.P.A. were acting in good faith and doing many good projects. For example, there was a farming plan set up to repair the fields and have the people support themselves. The issue is though that the empire planned for the F.P.A. to be so giving. Before the Empire left, they took all the resources from the border planet hoping the F.P.A. would give up their resources. Giving up all of their resources the F.P.A. was put in a tough situation. With orders to continue the advance and hold all taken planets and not enough time for request supplies to come from home, they did what they needed to do to complete the mission. The F.P.A. not only took back the supplies they gave out they went into peoples homes to find anything they hoarded away from the empire. The people were not happy and rose. They even had weapons ready which rises the question of did the empire give them weapons or did they always have weapons? The F.P.A. was forced to abandon all the “liberated” planet’s, leaving the forward force deep in enemy territory without a supply line.

With no supplies or any help the forward fleets faced massive losses. The fleets were spread out to cover more ground quickly. Being spread out just made them easy targets. By the time they regrouped the only choice left was to retreat. With the losses of life and an election on the way the empire offered a Torjan horse in the guise of a prisoner exchange.

After the defeat, the military personal were not happy with the way the republic was being ran. The military exchange introduced more people displeased with the republic. So not long after the exchange, a military coup d’etat happen. Starting with the assassination attempt against Admiral Kublegree the coup spread though the whole republic including the capital Heinessen. With Heinessen under military control the government of the F.P.A. was replaced with the National Salvation Military Council (N.S.M.C.). The N.S.M.C. seems to follow fascist ideology with the laws it sets up. These laws, disband the high council, requires the civil service to agree with the military, makes it illegal to speak against the nation, an anti-corruption campaign of the civil service, end of welfare to protect against societal weakening, and a ban against harmful amusements. The N.S.M.C. have taken over-all strategic important locations of the Republic, except the Space Fortress Iserlohn, under the command of Yang Wen-Li.

Faced with such corruption Yang Wen-Li still supports democracy and believes in the good will of the people. The leaders of the republic have destroyed the economic and pushed those who pledged to protect it to mutiny. While some may be political outcastes, the N.S.M.C. is a meritocracy where those who prove themselves are leading. Over all the N.S.M.C. seem to care about the whole nation and strengthen it as a whole not just a group of people. Faced with this Lang Wen-Li still condemns the N.S.M.C., stating that is no worse than other groups willing to do horrible things in the name of progress, the start of the Empire as an example. Lang Wen-Li still has hope for the people to take the responsibility to lend themselves than have a small group lead the people towards progress, no matter the cost.