Since Fezzan seems to be gaining more importance to the grand stage I found it necessary to write an introduction for them.

Intro to Fezzan

Fezzan has the same relationship to the Galactic Empire that the Free City States (Reichsstadt) had to the Holy Roman Empire. The leadership does not seem to be like the nobles of other planets and seems elected. The culture also seems different from the Empire and may be inline with the Free Planets Alliance(F.P.A.) but still its own. This may be because Fezzan is an open and free trade zone for the F.P.A. and the Empire even though it is a part of the Empire. Fezzan even sells weapons and military intelligence to both sides. So far Fezzan’s aims and goals seems to be playing each side against the other for some unknown reason. Fezzan’s leader shows this.

Rubinsky, Leader of Fezzan

Rubinsky is the leader of Fezzan, whose goal is unknown so far. He seems to have a lot of information about military movements and happenings in the Empire and F.P.A. and uses that information some how. So far it’s not known if Rubinsky actively or passively controls what’s going on. Rubinsky could be trading secrets for secrets to the Empire and F.P.A. Rubinsky also seems to be in the upper circles of the Church of Terra, but seems to have his own plans separate from the Church. Whats known is that Fezzan and Rubinsky have some impact on the grand stage of the galaxy.

Fezzan’s Impact

For some unknown reason the Empire allows Fezzan to make and sell weapons to whoever they want. While it may turn out not to be legal it seems common knowledge even in the Empire that Fezzan does sell weapons to enemies of the Empire. Travel also seems to be open to the F.P.A. and lately many of the Church of Terra from the F.P.A. seems to travel to Terra which seems to be under Imperial control. The only common people shown so far seem to be commercial space pilots which seems to be a hot industry for Fezzan due to travel to Terra.

Part three will be about the F.P.A.