Legends of the Galactic Heroes EP. 13-19 Part One

Within these episodes, two major event happen that change the course of the Empire and F.P.A. Civil war has come to both nations with the death of the Kaiser and the effect of the lives lost on the side of the F.P.A due to their invasion. On both sides, right-wing forces have come up to bring order to their nations. In the empire, the high nobles have risen up when the new Kaiser is a child instead of someone from the two major families. Also, Marquis Rinhard rise of power. On the F.P.A side, the military is fed up with the political elite who don’t have to bear the consequences of their actions while the military does. Even with all of their differences, both nations are responding to years of weak leadership with calls to bring order.

The Empire

We get a better look into imperial life outside of Odin. It seems confirmed that most planets have a European style. The two new planets shown seem to have a feudal system with a high noble owning a whole planet. Outside of the ambitiousness of youth, all the citizens of the empire seem to enjoy their lives. Everyone even seems willing to give the imperial army all of there food and supplies to go along with the scorched earth plan. As seen in Ep. 14 the people do have weapons and could resit their lord if they want to. So loyalty must be high.

Family means a lot in the empire. The actions of one member can ruin the reputation of the whole family. Marriages for political reasons seem common. Another interesting note is that women can be the head of families but it is not yet known if this only happens when there are no male heirs. Women who operate in a man’s world also seem to wear pants, while most other women wear skirts or dresses.

The invasion into the Empire from the F.P.A had little effect on the Imperial Military. Under Marquis Rinhard the Empire employed a scorched earth plan to reduce the F.P.A resources. Once the F.P.A was spread thin the empire moped them up. After the conflict was over the Empire asked for a prisoner exchange. From Marquis Rinhard’s speech, it seems to be the standard for returning P.0.Ws not to be warmly welcomed back. Rinhard instead praises them as heroes while also blaming the higher nobles for putting them in those positions with bad leadership.

As stated earlier, the empire is in a civil war with the higher nobles as the rebels to bring order back to the Empire. Marquis Rinhard heads the empires fight to destroy the “Rebel Army”. The Lippstadt Pact is formed with a majority of the higher nobles. The nobles also seem to have their own troop, who seems loyalty to them and not the empire or emperor. As it stands now no one with any military experience seems to believe the “Rebel Army” can win.

Not much is known about religion in the empire except that they praise Odin.

This ends part one. part two will be about Fezzan and three about the F.P.A.