Shin Megami Tensei IV

This game log is starting with a game already in progress. Recently I got done with a quest where I had to clear up some corpses. During the quest a few NPC’s and non-combative demons would talk about eating some red pills. At the end of the quest the party meets a human who eats some red pills and turns into a demon. I wonder if this item has to do with the Black Samurai and the people from the village that turned to demons.

Since then I started to explore Tokyo to see the areas that I may have missed. I first went to do the fight against David which I had difficulty wining at an earlier level. Then the quest to slay Wu Kong. I stoped playing outside a demon’s domain near Jojo Base.

Opus Magnum

I started to play Opus Magnum. I finished the tutorial and the first real puzzle, turning lead into gold. As of right now Opus Magnum seems to be a mix of Infinifactory and SpaceChem, the only two other Zachtronics games I’ve played. I like how open the games puzzles feels and that the way I solved the first puzzle seems to be one of many solutions. Lead to Gold