Snow Crash Memes

Recently I just finished reading Snow Crash. It was the 2nd cyberpunk book I read after Necromancer. Overall I found Snow Crash more entertaining and Necromancer was more a book of ideas. Not to say that Snow Crash didn’t have any high ideas, it does, just that if I were to recommend a book to a causal reader it would be Snow Crash. One big takeaway I get from Snow Crash is the spread of ideas and how technology is used for it. I’ll bring up Snow Crash again in other essays, VR is a topic I like to write about, but for now I’ll stick with the spread of ideas.

The best way for ideas to spread and become a core part of yourself is though text. Speaking from experience, long form text has had more of an influence on me that video, audio, pictures, or games. With text I feel as I am putting the pieces together not just being presented with a solution. Not surprising powerful ideas spread on anonymous image boards. And like the little virus it is, causes people to spread the idea even further. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit serve as a rely station for ideas. Especially TikTok which has sofar been the best in the viral spread of ideas not presented in text form. On social media platforms influencers spread the ideas. Visual data is easier to consume than text and quicker to digest but I still say text presenting the same information is higher quality. Large organization have taken notice to this and use these platforms to spread their ideas. Then they takes theses ideas and make it apart of themselves with some of them spreading the ideas to even more people.

Once an idea reaches a certain point one person or even group can’t control it, it has a life of it’s own. Spreading and creating new variants. Certain ideas become dangerous to the host and others. Theses ideas evolve new protections which also makes it easier to spread to new host. Once an ideas gets to this level curing the host becomes difficult since it is now a core part of them and attacking the idea will do damage to the host. The host will do what it can to protect the idea. Going sofar as to stand against the system supporting the host. By the time the ideas has manifested it’s self in the physical world it is usually too late to try to kill it off on social media. You’re going to have to cure the host which will not take a short time or be simple. As long has they are a host they will be spreading the idea.

If you haven’t read Snow Crash I highly recommend it. The books seems relevant for today and was a joy to read.