My name is Travis Hinton and this is my website. The purpose of the web site is to be a hub of my online life hosting a collection of my written products and linking to other personal places online. For now the planed content will be essays on varies subjects, data analytics reports, and an encyclopedia project. All of this content will generally reflect my interest.

If I had to describe my interest in one word it would be computers. Not surprising, this interest probably came from my family. Both my father’s and mother’s early career was in cryptology, grandfather worked for a tech giant at his time, and grandmother who enjoyed her free time on the computer. Being around such tech positive people lead me to video games. My current favorites being RPGs, Visual Novels, Puzzle Games, and Simulations. As I age I started to noticed that even within my favorite genres I tend to prefer slower paced games.

In the last couple of years I have regained the love of books. For fiction I enjoy science fictions but lately have been into cyberpunk.

My final hobby is working with data. I enjoy programming but it seems to be as a tool to work with data and information and not just a love for programming by itself. My tools of choice are R, Python, SQL, Markdown, and Excel.

In my professional life I have been an Aircraft Mechanic in the military, worked in libraries, and assisted customers with 3rd party software for Oracle Database.

Other places you can find me are on Twitter and Twitch. Twitter for general updates on projects and thoughts. Twitch for streaming games like the interested stated above.